The next four story previews for the Erotic Holiday Countdown

Can you believe it? 3 Days and Counting…

I previewed the first four stories – here. Then the next five here. Now, here is a sample of the next four.

December 23: Bah-HUM-Bug by Thianna D

  • Description: To Brandon, Trent was the most perfect man on earth, so going to his Christmas Party was both joyful and painful. Until things took a turn for the better. Maybe the party wasn’t a bust after all. 
  • Preview: “Now, look at Mrs. Fezziwig. Her tits are going to pop out of her outfit before the night is over.” He bumped his friend’s shoulder. “She has wanted you for a while. Feel free to take her upstairs if you feel the need. Or even Mrs. Cratchit. She needs a good fuck after that bastard of a husband left her for that twit of a secretary.”

December 24: Was It Good For You Too? by Thianna D

  • Description: Isadora’s family eschewed the use of garlic – ever, but never told her why. On this Christmas Eve, when she invites her neighbor to break bread with her, she finds out the truth in the most orgasmic of ways.
  • Preview: “Have a seat. I’ll be right back,” she said in a low voice and walked away. As she got to the kitchen, she placed the pie on the counter and checked the sauce. The scent of tomatoes, red meat, and garlic assailed her senses and she moaned and rubbed her thighs together as liquid began to trickle out of her pussy.

December 25: Christmas Wood by Kiki Wellington

  • Description: Francis loves Christmas in New York—especially her annual holiday hook ups. And when she has an encounter with a mysterious stranger in a department store, he jingles her bells and takes her desires to another world.
  • Preview: Preview Unavailable

December 26: Diary of a Broken Me: The Christmas Contract by Penelope Jones

  • Description: Maci is overcome. None of her past M/s relationships have worked, so why should she believe this one will? In a series of letters between her and her master, we gain an understanding of the depth of a D/s relationship gone right.
  • Preview: Not pretty enough, not smart enough, not sexy enough,  or not Emo enough? Or Perhaps… not Masochistic enough, not a big enough slut, too slutty, too sexy, and last but not least… too Emo.  Seriously I’ve heard it all, Sir.  Pick your poison. Which one of those do I not fulfill for you, or maybe it’s a few options? 

I hope you enjoyed these previews! Come back ready to read each complete story! Follow—> this blog to get updates when each story is posted.

Check out all the stories descriptions on the Erotic Holiday Countdown page. A final Calender will be posted on 11/30.

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