The last 5 previews for the Erotic Holiday Countdown

2 Days and Counting!!!

I previewed the first four stories – here, the next 5 stories here and the next four here.  Today I preview the last five. Enjoy.

December 27: Gift of Giving Club by Thianna D

  • Description: She went in to get the goods on an all-women society. Instead, she found a whole new world awaited her. Now she wonders. Is it better to give or receive?
  • Preview: WHAM! The leather belt landed again, eliciting another scream, though this time I could tell it was filled with both pain and pleasure. A huge gush of liquid oozed from my pussy, slicking my thighs and making me needier. “Please,” I moaned as I rubbed my thighs together, the only friction I had.

December 28: There is Still Life in the Old Boy Yet by Thianna D

  • Description: Grady was past his prime and yet was still muddling through each day. The worst part of his existence was his impotence. Until a new neighbor moved in and he found a reason to leave his recliner.
  • Preview: After taking a few moments to get his equilibrium back, Grady stood up again and hobbled to the window. As he got there, sounds started up again. The rhythmic sound of flesh meeting flesh combined with moans from her and grunts from him filled Grady’s head. Pressing his face up against the window, he watched Davis fuck the woman’s ass. He couldn’t see much, just the thrusting, but his brain made up for that. 

December 29: Unintended Gifts (An Angel Story) by Max

  • Description: Angel thinks Tom should treat her differently now that they’re engaged, but all she manages to do is infuriate him when her buddies Greg and Alan try to call him out at their regular club. While she is sleeping off her sorrows and the alcohol at her friend’s apartment, Tom gets an unexpected visitor on his doorstep.  And Tara seems to believe that since Angel is in her bed then there must be a spot available in Tom’s bed for her.  But first Tara wants to do it everywhere Tom has sexed Angel – a bit of revenge on her friend and an unwitting holiday gift for Tom.
  • Preview: The irony of her coming to Tom to be fucked, screwing over Angel deliberately, and expecting he would follow her rules… he chuckled to himself while running his hand up under Tara’s shirt and helping her pull it off.  She looked good topless, despite showing no indication of ever working out.  Tom ran his fingertips over Tara’s breasts, testing how her nipples responded to being stroked and caressed, and then he focused on her face.  “So you’re saying if I tell you a dirty story then you might be able to cum without touching yourself?”

December 30: UNTITLED by Penelope Jones

  • Description: Currently unavailable  – But Miss Bad Penny did mention something about a New Year’s orgy… I would tune in for it;)
  • Preview: Currently unavailable  – But an orgy? Would definitely be worth coming back for!

December 31: Only on New Year’s Eve by Thianna D

  • Description: Constance lives a lonely life until her lover comes to visit her every New Year’s Eve. Will this year be the time he will finally stay? 
  • Preview: He nodded as his eyes began to twinkle and he looked between her and the bed. “Well, now, that is a rather nice bed there, little Connie. I think we can get some use out of it.” Before she could respond, he pulled her into his arms and crashed his lips into hers. As she gasped, he thrust his tongue inside, reacquainting himself with her warmth. “You taste as good as always,” he murmured, removing his lips only to trail them along her jaw and up to her ear.  

I hope you enjoyed these previews! Come back ready to read each complete story! Follow—> this blog to get updates when each story is posted.

Check out all the stories descriptions on the Erotic Holiday Countdown page. A final Calender will be posted on 11/30.

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