Six Sentence Sunday

Yes! It is another Six Sentence Sunday. This week, I am giving you a tiny look into Dusty’s Heated Exchange, part 2 of The Blake/Dusty Chronicles.

In this scene, Dusty is spending some time with his cousin Felicity and her husband. As he is gay and she is set on an anti-gay agenda, she is not one of his favorite people to converse with.

“Felicity, you as well as the rest of the family know I am gay, so shut the fuck up.” I took a deep breath, begging off my temper; now would not be the time. 

Her eyes narrowed. “Dusty, I think it’s about time to get past that little point in your life. Sure, it was all fun to experiment in college, but come on… you can’t have with a man what you can have with a woman. Get over yourself and find one.”

Felicity is annoying and small-minded, isn’t she? Good thing Dusty doesn’t put up with her shit.

Book Description:

Dusty has been a dominant in the BDSM lifestyle for the last fifteen years and finds himself increasingly attracted to his online sub. Visiting some family members while on a business trip, he meets a man he can’t get off his mind. He can’t quite help imagining his sub looking like him…

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