How many men and women out there really know how to give good head?

I suppose there are a lot of people who think they do, and very few who ACTUALLY do. A couple years ago I was given a book called Mouth of a Courtesan, The art of fellatio, by Madame Blackrose.

To be blunt, it has so much information in it, I still haven’t devoured it all; let alone all the links, references, and addendums she added. But for those of you who want to get better at it, I thought I would share her rules of fellatio.


Blackrose’s First Rule Of Fellatio:
To be a truly exceptional fellatrix, one must have a sincere love of sucking cock.
Blackrose’s Second Rule Of Fellatio:
A sloppy, wet blowjob is the hottest blowjob.
Blackrose’s Third Rule of Fellatio:
Appeal to his senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch before fellatio
to build anticipation. And during fellatio to keep it hot.
Blackrose’s Fourth Rule of Fellatio:
Proceed in this order: Look, talk, tell, touch, lick, suck, swallow, and savor.
Blackrose’s Fifth Rule of Fellatio:
Think like a fellatrix by keeping in mind the element of surprise!
Blackrose’s Sixth Rule of Fellatio:
When at home, set the scene.
Blackrose’s Seventh Rule of Fellatio:
Deepthroating is just a technique, not a whole blowjob in itself.
Blackrose’s Eighth Rule of Fellatio:
When you get submissive, get a signal.
Blackrose’s Ninth Rule of Fellatio:
No matter what happens, don’t lose contact with his cock.
Blackrose’s Tenth Rule of Fellatio:
Never, ever forget the importance of Rule Number One.

Her book used to be available via a website that no longer works. Hopefully Madame Blackrose will put out her valuable book via Smashwords and Amazon. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to drive their man crazy by giving great oral sex.

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