Just a little update…

Hey everyone!

I know – I have been knee deep in the Erotic Holiday Countdown and have been asked quite often lately what I am publishing next. So, I figured I would take a moment to let you know what’s coming in the first part of 2013.

I am working on parts 9&10 of the Blake/Dusty Chronicles. I love those boys and it is very hard to finish their story because I do not want to let them go – but never fear. Their last two books will be coming out in January and February 2013. At that time I will also start a huge editing job to get it into 3rd person POV and into the format needed for a print book. Let me know if there are any ‘scenes’ you would love to see added.

I have two library tales where the 1st draft is done. Mid-December, I will start editing them both. Expect to see the first one published Feb/March. The second one? I’m not sure – I’m considering tearing it apart and re-writing.

Then there is the first draft of my full-length 70k word paranormal BDSM erotic romance which is the first of a trilogy. I have just started editing and it will be a month or so before I start submitting to agents/publishers.

On the non-erotic side, my nom de plume is writing a YA fantasy story. It is incredibly involved and will take several months to write if not a year.

So, that is it for me. *whew* as if that wasn’t more than enough.

For now – on with the Erotic Holiday Countdown. Tomorrow the final calendar will be posted and on Saturday – the first story.

Are you ready for 31 days of free erotica? Have you been naughty this year?

Ho Ho Ho! Just consider me Santa;)

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