I Need a Little Hiss in My Groan #PoemUpChallenge

I was tagged by the oh so amazing @Penelope_Prose in the #PoemUpChallenge.


What is vanilla? Well that brings up all sorts of things to mind. Vanilla ice cream, the way they dress, sex…

I’m gonna talk about sex!
Is that any surprise? Vanilla denotes, to me, the complete lack of originality when it comes to sex. And for those that practice ‘nilla sex and enjoy it – good for you. 
For me? ‘Nilla sex does not cut it. It would be like eating spaghetti sauce with no seasonings, like wearing a flour sack rather than cute clothes, or doing the same thing day in, day out, with out any enjoyment. (Been there, done that – not going back)
I am not a nilla person when it comes to sex. I need a little hiss in my groan, a little pain in my  pleasure, and a lot of pounding in my penetration. If I don’t wake up the next morning with muscle ache and a huge grin on my face, we’ve been doing it wrong.
I had ‘nilla relationships. The sex left me orgasm’less and frustrated. The relationships left me wanting and looking down on the men who were not what I needed. (I thought all men were wimps and I can not have a relationship with wimps.) That was before I found out about BDSM and recognized myself as a submissive. That was before I submitted to a domainant male. That was before I surrendered to the slave within and found pleasure and peace.
Vanilla works for some… for many, maybe. Though sometimes I wonder if they looked inside, they might find there is a non-‘nilla person in there afraid to get out. What is the number? The average married couple has sex 2.4 times a month? FUCK THAT! (and that .4 just reminds me of the orgasmless sex I used to have.) Maybe the reason sex doesn’t get them going is because it is boring! 
I’m not saying that they have to get whips and paddles and create their own dungeon. Maybe they could add just a little chocolate sauce – literally – into their ‘nilla sex. Licking chocolate off a cock is a mighty fun thing to do… before he fucks your face. Just sayin’! Ohhh and now I am wondering what kind of anal lubricant chocolate sauce would make. Plus, it would make rimming more palatable… whoops! Let my kinky-fetishy-submissive-bottom mind slip sideways. Where was I?
I could never go back to vanilla sex. It never fulfilled me before and now that I have had the other side, it would be even worse.
If you enjoy Vanilla, good for you. I’m a lover of peanut butter crunch ice cream slathered with marshmallow… and that’s only for starters!
Now I challenge the following to figure out what vanilla means to them!
Dane Hargreaves – yeah, I’m evil – will this get him to begin a blog?

So, what is this challenge? Some of this I stole directly off of Pink Notes – the beginner of this particular challenge:)

Here are some GUIDELINES

  1. Please use the hashtag #PoemUpChallenge when posting or promoting your poem/ writing to the challenge on Twitter.
  2. Your poem/ writing should have the word VANILLA in it at least once.
  3. Challenge as many poets/ writers that you know and link them to this post for the guidelines or add the guidelines to your post.
  4. Once a writer has written he or she may or may not write another one… this depends on how inspired you get.
  5. The “VANILLA POST” can be a poem or another form of writing. It’s the thought that counts!

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