Female Masturbation Class

So, who all out there masturbates? *listens to crickets*

Come on, folks! We all do it. It is almost considered normal for a man to discuss jerking off, but what about women? We do it! Hell, I’ve been doing it since I was (BLEEP! By law I am not supposed to mention what age I started. Let’s just say it starts of with the sound of an A and ends with a T).

So, why do we still hide it?

Ever since I picked up Betty Dobson’s book on female masturbation in my early 20s, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to go to one of her workshops. Strangely enough, I figured she didn’t do them any more.

WELL – low and behold, she still does!

I Went to a Female Masturbation Class is one woman’s review of a class she went to just a couple weeks ago. You know. Before Hurricane Sandy blew in. That is a rather fitting metaphor.

Part of me wants to go to one, another part of me thinks – HELL NO!

So, which of you crickets out there wants to go to one? Or better yet, who has attended one?

*Leans back, falls asleep to sound of crickets*

Update: (Feb 16, 2013) In celebration of self-love, I released a short story called Lights! Camera! Ecstasy! on Valentines’s day – Feb 14, 2013.

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