Exercise Challenge

All right. Ana laid the gauntlet down and I am picking up. OMG> That thing is heavier than I expected.

 Yep, I have joined her Exercise Challenge. I love to exercise, but while I want to go 6x a week, I end up going about 3 because I get so busy. Nothing like a group goal to help energize you.

So, what are the rules?

Every Saturday (Sunday this time), we will post our exercise goals for the following week.  Starting next Saturday, that will include reporting whether we’ve met those goals or not.  If we meet our goal, we get to post an “I did it!” logo as a reward for the next week.  If we don’t meet our goal, we have to say so in our public post and may need to submit to a penalty determined by the others.

With the Erotic Holiday Countdown being on for all of December, these posts will have to be searched for as I will post them at 11pm Saturday nights before the six sunday posts get posted at 12am the next morning and the Erotic Holiday Countdown post gets posted at 1am.

My goal for this week? Go to the gym 4 times for 25 minutes (or 10+ miles) of cardio and 1 time for 20 minutes of weight training. I need to up my weight training, I really do!

Want to join in? Check out the rules and encouragement over at Ana’s blog!

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