5 more previews for the Erotic Holiday Countdown

Can you believe it? 4 Days and Counting…

I previewed the first four stories – here. Today I preview the next five. Enjoy. Oh yes, and grab a napkin, you don’t want to drool… Then again, maybe you do 😉

December 5-11: Winter’s Lioness by Max

  • Description: Erik has a choice – answer the bestial call of his heritage or fight to preserve his humanity. His unlikely decision is to go on the run, and to boost his courage he stops off in London to enjoy the siren call of a lonely lioness. No surprise that Heather likes to sink her teeth into his flesh, but Erik has brought along needles to temper her passionate urges one thrust after another. A 13,944 word novella spread over 7 days.
  • Preview: By now Heather knew that the sudden clenching of her pussy and the way her fingers intertwined with his gave her away.  But he wouldn’t know whether it was the idea of him cumming in her pussy or the offer to slide his wet cock up her ass that excited her.  He’d have to guess while she enjoyed the way his pulsing member was caressing her inner walls and teasing the places he’d bruised earlier getting her off.  She grinned and knew her eyes were ringed with balefire as she said, “I’d like to see you try.”  

December 12: Stuffing the Holiday Virgin by Macy Alexander

  • Description: When a young woman goes to spend the holidays with her roommate, the experience turns out more exciting than she planned.
  • Preview: I couldn’t sleep, so I went downstairs to get a drink of water. Mrs. Clark was in the kitchen, cutting some veggies in preparation for the holiday dinner. I popped up on the counter and she poured me a glass of water. She started talking and I couldn’t believe what she said, talking about how I was a beautiful young lady now, then she started touching my arm, caressing it, then pushed my hair back over my ear. I was so nervous and embarrassed when she started to run her hand down my body. I didn’t know what to do, I just sat there and she told me to lay back. My body shivered with excitement as she put both her hands on my hips and reaching for my pajama pants. 

December 13: A Cup of Cheer by Travis Naught

  • Description: Amber is a go getter.  The man at the coffee shop has pointed looks her way, but it is up to her to take charge of the situation.  Warming up on a winter’s day has never been so much fun!
  • Preview: “Oh wow,” I moaned and pushed up against her.  There was no pumping. She used her arms to pull herself tightly against my upper body and began to grind.  There was a fervor to her rhythm that would have made me pop too soon, so I reached down, grabbed her ass and slowed the movement.

December 14: The Auction by Thianna D

  • Description: Every year the single subs of Club Erotique go up for private auction. This is Justine’s first year. She hopes to be bought by Lord Dane, but that was before she saw what she would need to do.
  • Preview: Cor bent over and grabbed his ankles, no expression on his serene face, not even when Dennis covered his fingers and hand with lube and began to push them inside. “One finger, no problem. Two fingers, no problem. Three fingers? A little resistance.” SLAP! He smacked Cor’s ass with his other hand. “You’ve been a sub for five years and belonged to Stephen for two of those, boy, you should be able to take more than three fingers.”

December 15-22: When She Least Expected It by Dane Hargreaves

  • Description: Candice has a busy life. She runs her own publishing company and it keeps her on the go and in charge. Until she meets Damon, she had no idea how fun giving up control could be. A 14,946 word novella given to you over 8 days.
  • Preview: Damon grinned as well, but was obviously deep in thought. Finally, he said, “Candice, you are asking me to break my own rules. If I do this, things will be stepped up a notch. Do you think you can handle that?” Candice’s heart leapt; the night wasn’t quite over yet! But she was now, for the first time tonight, a little worried about where this could go. She had to calm herself down and get some clarification before agreeing.

I hope you enjoyed these previews! Come back ready to read each complete story! Follow—> this blog to get updates when each story is posted.

Check out all the stories descriptions on the Erotic Holiday Countdown page. A final Calender will be posted on 11/30.

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