4 previews of the Erotic Holiday Countdown

Can you believe it? 5 Days and Counting…

Thought I would give you a preview of a few of our stories over the next few days. Wet your whistle so to speak! We have 17 stories spread out over 31 days. So… here are previews of the first four stories posted to the Erotic Holiday Countdown:

December 1: Coming In by Thianna D

  • Description: At the age of 18, Corin was banished to a camp that his parents hoped would help him overcome his homosexuality. Instead, he was introduced to pleasure he never could have imagined.
  • Preview: Corin watched in confusion and then lust as all five guys stripped out of their clothing and walked over between them and Dan. Immediately two of the guys, both raven-haired, turned toward one another and began to kiss. Before he could react, the other three did something even more exciting. The blonde dropped to his knees and wrapped his hands around the other two guys’ dicks. Within seconds they both were hard and he engulfed one with his mouth.

December 2: Forgetting About What Happened by Ray Sostre

  • Description: Forgiveness during the holidays can be painful, especially if Jeremy wasn’t Monica’s first choice. After Monica realizes that Jeremy was the one, she tries to win him back in her by confessing her true feelings for him. But it is up to Jeremy to decide if he should forgive and move on in being with her.
  • Preview: When she grabbed his hair and pulled him upwards, the battle was lost. She had sided with his impatient body and he succumbed to that will. He pressed their bodies together imagining what it would feel like in moments when he was inside her, when suddenly he felt her hand guiding his cock exactly where it wanted to be.

December 3: Please, Santa, I Want More by Thianna D

  • Description: When Xander went to his newest client, he wasn’t expecting that client to be male. Or to call him Santa. Before the end of the night, Santa might just show him that jolly old elves still have some sting in their slap.
  • Preview: Santa smiled, stood up and walked toward him, looking like a fucking cat coming in to play with a mouse. Reaching out his hand he cupped Xander’s cheek and rubbed it with his thumb. A gasp left Xander’s lips as his cock chose that moment to make an appearance. Santa’s eyes fell to the bulge and a smirk covered his face. “Definitely no mistake, Xander. You want to experience this as much as I do. Take the boxers off. Now.” The last word was spoken clearly, firmly, brooking no argument.

December 4: White Wolf by Thianna D

  • Description: Out for a run, she-wolf Karya is followed by Devir, a wolf without a clan. When he suggests they mate, she has no idea what she is in for.
  • Preview: As a cry of surprise and shock left her jaw, he sunk his teeth into her shoulder and thrust. A scream of rage left her as she tried to pull away, but he just sank his fangs in further as he set up a fast rhythm, thrusting his huge cock in and out of her. She fought, but his strong front arms held her tightly as he made her his. When he thrust and held still, she growled, prepared to run away the moment he was done. Only… what the hell? Something was growing inside her, trapping her.

I hope you enjoyed these previews! Come back ready to read each complete story! Follow—> this blog to get updates when each story is posted.

Check out all the stories descriptions on the Erotic Holiday Countdown page. A final Calender will be posted on 11/30.

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