Writing in the Round

How do you write?

Some authors write very logically. They make a full outline of their story and line by line, they make it from the beginning to the end. I take my hat off to those authors. I wish I could do that.

But I cannot.

As strange as it sounds, I am a reader in every story I write, so while I may know what happens in the end (or then again I might not), I prefer to not know what is coming. I like to be surprised, excited, shocked… And yet, I will admit, sometimes if I am stuck making an outline seems like such a good idea.

So, I write one for the rest of the book. Sometimes, I follow it, many times I don’t. But it at least gives me a kick in the pants.

Until now. I tend to write 4-8 things at any given time. Now that sounds like a lot, but I may have 2-3 longer stories that I hit writer’s blocks at, and 2-4 short stories that I write at the same time. It is a system that is working for me.

Like I said – until now. I have this amazing Erotic Romance that captured me from the first few words and yet I am now at the part where they are having sex and guess what? I hate the sex scenes between them. I write one, then delete it and re-write, delete it and re-write.

Why am I having such a hard time with these two characters? I know they will end up together, and their relationship I really enjoy… GAH! Usually it is the sex scenes that write themselves, leaving me hot and horny. What is wrong with these two?

But enough of my complaining… How do you write?

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