Six Sentence Sunday – WIP

For this week, I figured I would give you a look-see into a work that I am currently working on.

This full-length novel is a paranormal BDSM erotic romance. Antonia has lived a good, happy life, but now in her senior year of college, she is thrust into a whole other world when her friend Kayle introduces her to the local kink club. The club’s owner, Master Bane, throws her for a loop when he becomes interested and asks her to be his sub.

These sentences are from the scene just after she has agreed and found out she would be getting a Brazillian bikini wax soon.

“Of course, I enjoy playing with my girl’s pussy and I do not like dealing with hair while I do it. And when we get to wax play, you will be glad for it.” Antonia wanted to disagree with him, but she was at a severe disadvantage. While he was completely clothed, she was not. “Now, go over to your bed, lay on your back and relax. I am going to get to know my beautiful new sub’s body.”

This work is actually almost complete and before I self-publish, I am going to try and get an agent for it. So, cross your fingers for me:)

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