Six Sentence Sunday

And lookee here, it is another Six Sentence Sunday, or in my case Sex Sentence Sunday:)

Dusty Follows His Heart is the 8th installment of the 10-part Gay BDSM Erotic Romance, The Blake/Dusty Chronicles. Just released, it is my focus for this 6 sentence Sunday.

Dusty and Blake are finally together, albeit temporarily until Blake recovers from his accident. In this scene, they are making love for the first time as boyfriends. Dusty introduces Blake to the feeling of having his prostate (the male g-spot) stroked.

“Oh, my god,” he gasped. “What was that?”

Grinning, I began to stroke the same area over and over. “Your pleasure spot.”

“Holy fuck!” he moaned. “Don’t stop!”

Book Description:
Although delayed, Dusty reaches Washington in time for Blake to come home. As they settle into a temporary full-time D/s relationship, boundaries are pushed, secrets are revealed, and Dusty realizes just how much Blake means to him.
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