Looking for authors!

Still have some spaces open for authors for the Erotic Holiday Countdown!

Are you an erotic author who would like to share their work and gain some great cross advertising in the mix? Are you an aspiring erotic author?

Then join the Erotic Holiday Countdown!

31 Days of Erotica – how nummie is that? From December 1-31, I will be posting stories from different authors on my blog, marketing on Twitter, Facebook, two other social networks, and a couple newsletters; some daily, some weekly.

If we all market, just think of the amount of new readers you will get!

And readers? Just think of the fun, erotic, kinky holiday reading you have ahead? Could December look any more fun?

Erotic Authors: Comment here or Send me a tweet to let me know you are interested!

What are the rules? Simple:

  • Story must be a minimum of 1500 words (no maximum – If the story is really long and there aren’t enough authors signed up, your story might get more than one day’s postings!).
  • It must be your own original work (no fanfiction please – if it started out ff, please change the names/locations so that nobody would make the correlation). 
  • Must include Holiday & Erotic themes. (Holiday can include Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s or even just about the month – does NOT need to be religious holiday)
  • Needs to be written and beta’d or edited.
  • Will need to be sent to me by Nov 15th. 
  • Links to your blog/website will be posted both on your story and the Countdown page.
That’s it! I know this is a busy season, but its only 1500 words! Let’s have a great time and do this thing:)

To contact me, send me a tweet or email me at the following address. (I have masked it so that spambots don’t grab it. Just make the changes as it says and it should work perfectly.)

erotic(D0T)countdown(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Just change (AT) to @ and (DOT) to .

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