Erotic Holiday Countdown info

Hello everyone!

Are you excited yet for the Erotic Holiday Countdown? I am! And we still have 33 days to go till it starts!

I didn’t realize that when Google has someone leave a comment that it doesn’t necessarily leave the ability for them to attach their email to their name so that only the admin (me) could see it. (One way in which WordPress is better?) So, if you are a writer and you don’t have twitter, however will you contact me?

Thanks Dane for pointing that out!

Okay, so I created an email specifically for this countdown. I will post it here. If spam gets too much, oh well, it is only for a couple months. Hopefully though, the spam bots will ignore it as I am changing the @ and . signs.

Please use this email to contact me if you are interested in posting your writing for the Erotic Holiday Countdown! I don’t want to miss anyone who would like to share!

erotic(D0T)countdown(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Just change (AT) to @ and (DOT) to .

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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