Six Sentence Sunday 9/30: Blake Takes Some Heat

I just found out about Six Sentence Sunday and hopefully I can do it some justice.

This week I will start with the first story I released. Blake Takes Some Heat. It is the first part of the 10-part Blake/Dusty Chronicles.

Successful and yet very alone, Blake works hard – almost to the point of exhaustion. When stress comes up, there is only one way for him to handle it – he contacts Sir, his online dominant. 

Every session is what he needs, but tonight the session lights a fire he never expected.

“You will not release the cock ring.
“You will stroke yourself with your left hand while using your right hand for the following. 
“Place the q-tip at your urethra and just hold it there for a moment. When it starts to feel warm, rub the q-tip in a little. Then remove it and place it on the towel. 
“Then you will move your right hand to your cock, stroking everything but the tip, move your left hand to your balls, doing exactly what you did before.”

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