I’ve been bit in the butt by a biohazard suit

How’d you like the title? Okay, so I haven’t actually been bit in the butt by a bio-hazard suit. I just feel like I have.

Some authors keep to one specific genre. That is their passion, their way of writing. I, however, am multi-genre’sional. (I’m creating new words all over the place today)

I love sci-fi, erotica, paranormal, children’s, ya… and it seems to be that one thing follows another very quickly. It isn’t hard to keep them separate, but still…

What am I supposed to do when all I want to write is X and the fans for Y & Z are begging for a new installment? I feel like I let them down by not writing what they are asking for and yet if I try to write what I am not in the mood for, it never turns out well.

The last few days I have been in a die-hard sci-fi mood. At the same time, I want to combine it with erotica… and that is not going well at all as all that sticks in my head are really badly made sci-fi movies about well-endowed women from another planet that the earth men boff over and over again.

Which brings me back to the title. To please the sci-fi genre, there needs to be that other worldliness, the descriptions, the language, the feel that you are within another time and space – not to mention the whole scientific/technology side. To please the erotic romance side, there needs to be romance and sex. I almost feel as if I should write two different stories about the same characters and then try to combine them.

Or… *and the light goes on*… find another author to co-write with! They could write one aspect, I could write the other…

Oooh, I have never really co-written something, but I love that idea.

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