Every house comes with its own playroom

With all the hubbub we hear now about BDSM including that dreaded phrase “the red room of pain”, people don’t realize that every house comes fully equipped with its own play room (or torture chamber – take your pick).

What room am I talking about? The kitchen.

Are you laughing? Well, keep reading as I explain.

The kitchen is filled with all sorts of fun things.

Need a dildo? Oooh! The choices! Just think of it – how many items are there to be able to stick up someone’s pussy? From the blunt end of knives and forks to the more bulbous end of a spoon? How about a turkey baster? The handle of a pan?

Speaking of pans… Fond of impact play? Grab a wooden spoon or a spatula. A pan can also be used in lieu of a paddle. How about winding up that dishtowel and letting it fly?

And dish towels are great for instant restraints or blindfolds.

Enjoy temperature play? Well, damn – the fridge and the freezer are right there with tons of cold or frozen food at your disposal! Not to mention hot water from the sink! (And someone who is prepared might have their favorite dildo already sitting in the freezer… just sayin’)

And there are all those counter-tops just begging to be used! Not to mention the handle of the oven, the sinks themselves and the cupboards… with the shelves taken out they could become quite the cage.

I am not as familiar with playing for male subs, but ‘twould seem to me that a hand juicer would make a scary ball crusher… but please know what you are doing before you try it!

So, next time you you want to play and you don’t have the time/money to build your own play room, just take a gander to your kitchen and ‘cook’ up an idea. There are so many I haven’t mentioned not to mention the fact there are some I haven’t even thought of!

Oh come on! You knew I had to go there!

Now, go grab a wooden spoon and have some fun… But if you are unaware of how this stuff works PLEASE find someone in the BDSM community to show you before you decide to use a whisk somewhere you have never used it before…

If you have played in the kitchen, please comment and let us know how! Kinky minds want to know… plus, I always love new ideas. *grins*

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