Writing, publishing, and job hunting

Writing is my passion. Publishing is also one of my passions along with travel, intelligent conversation, and helping others.

Job hunting however? Not so much.

Days upon days of applying for jobs I don’t really want only to either not hear back or to be offered a pittance in wage.

The fact is, I have made very good money in the past. I took a break a year ago as I wanted to work seriously on my writing and really make a push forward in my passion. I still have every intention of keeping that up. But I also become focused on whatever I am doing at the time.

When I work, I concentrate on work, and other things sometimes take a backseat. I can only hope that does not happen this time. Writing sets me free. It lights the fire within and I feel completely alive.

If I could have my dream job? It would be writing/publishing professionally and setting up Red Band Erotica. I will still work toward that goal. (Any angel investors out there have $1 million to invest in a new internet video company? *smiles*)

Till then, I hope to find a remote job where I can write or something similar. I could always fall back on my past career – Interactive development and marketing, but we will see.

Unto the breach….

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