Scrapped and re-writing

Writers re-write more than write, I think. And usually, at least for me, once I get my files back from the final edit, I am happy with the results and go forth to publish to Kindle… Until now.

Yes, I apologize for the wait – but the 8th segment of the Blake/Dusty Chronicles just does not meet with my approval. I was feeling someone iffy about it when I sent it to the editor but that has happened before and once I get it back after a few weeks and read it anew, I am usually happy. Not this time.

I am ripping the 8th segment apart and re-writing. When I re-read it, it hit me what was wrong, so rather than release something I would not be happy with, I have chosen to put off releasing it until I am happy with it.

Never fear. I am working on it now and know what the plot problem was. It is being fixed!

The new release will be in September:)

Thanks so much for enjoying The Blake/Dusty Chronicles!

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