Conflict of Interest

Red Band Erotica Collection is still underway, but thanks to one of my favorite authors, I clued into the fact that getting a group of authors, editors, agents, etc together to panel the collection would be difficult due to Conflict of Interest issues.

I had not even considered that and appreciate the heads up.

So, that does not change my overall plan for Red Band Erotica, but it will change the way the Red Band Erotica Collection is handled.

Currently I am considering two different paths for it and will announce when one is chosen. I am still very excited about this project and am working toward my full goal of showcasing great erotica.

An agent made the mention yesterday that publishers and agents separated Erotic Romance and Erotica. I had not considered this before. So, more than likely an erotic romance author would not want to be classified as just plain erotica.

I will have to figure out a designation as they both have a home under the Red Band Erotica banner.

Red Band Erotica is about separating the good from the bad, of educating readers about the good by showcasing well-written erotica, whether they be romance or not.

As i figure these things out, I will let you know!

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