Goals to Success

I have watched Hybrid Vigor Film on their quest to meet a $50,000 goal for their film. It has been exciting to watch and as I write this, they are 46 hours from the end of their campaign, and they have less than $7000 to go to meet their goal.

It is exciting and thrilling and it reminds me of one of my goals, a goal I have been considering more and more over the last four months. I just don’t know how to go from Step A: Idea and desire to Step Z: Launch and success.

I go back and forth between jumping in with both feet and trying to swim and thinking ‘wait until I have more money in the bank’.

The writing I can do – I love to write. And the web development, well, I can do some of it,  but not the hard core programming stuff I need done. But the rest of it? I definitely need help.

Or just a tremendous amount of courage to jump right in.

And I’m rambling…

I feel like one of my favorite tv shows as a kid. This blog was brought to you by the letters G and W.

Now, back to Blake & Dusty… have you read them all yet? Part 8 is coming soon!

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