When editors ruin good writers… #writing 2

Okay, first off, let me express that I love a good editor. They can find and fix the mistakes an author’s eyes overlook. However, given my experience with some publishers editors, I have to say they can also fuck an author’s writing up. Editor’s suggestions are nothing but opinions Shocking, […]

A safe haven #8sunday #inspirational @BreeCariad #romance #lgbt 10

I’m joining in Weekend Writing Warriors this week with a snippet from the just released Light in the Dark Night, a Love Conquers All novel. #inspirational #MM #Romance Brecker has just suggested taking Aiden to Jonathon’s youth shelter, and Aiden had a very strong reaction. Brecker is the first to […]

I was different #SatSpanks #spanking #BDSM 3

Happy Saturday, Spankos 🙂 Last week, I gave you a snippet from Sizzling Attraction, the Elan Isle prequel. This week, I’m giving you a snippet from the first novel – Ye Olde Kinke Faire – which came out in February. In this snippet, Becca and Kendrick are discussing their interest […]