The Pleasure That Stays #Halloween #Erotica #FreeStory

Hope you’re enjoying the free stories. Have you read the Pleasure Station ones? This is the 3rd and final one from PS. Earington Ly is on a mission, but Pleasure Station is waiting for him. Aliens of all sorts are waiting. Again, thanks for reading. Please do not copy or paste […]

An Earthling at Pleasure Station #Halloween #Erotica #FreeStory

Happy Halloween! I hope you’re having a great day. Living and working in outerspace is a pain in the ass. Just ask Goran. Thankfully Pleasure Station was created for men with his kind of desires to find what they need. Enjoy this story to your heat’s content. But please don’t copy […]

Cherry Bark #Halloween #Erotica #FreeStory

Happy Halloween! I hope you are enjoying this day of free erotic stories from my files. Enjoy another Kiera adventure with an alien. Once again, please don’t copy or share these stories elsewhere. Thank you 🙂 ***** Cherry Bark Smiling with delight, Kiera let herself through the gate she had stepped […]

You’re Hired #Halloween #Erotica #FreeStory

Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoyed the first story posted an hour ago. Here’s another free erotic story from my files. Enjoy this M/F alien/human adventure. Once again, please don’t copy or share these stories elsewhere. Thank you 🙂 ***** You’re Hired Checking once again, Kiera looked at the address […]

#SciFi, #fantasy, World Building, and introducing new pronouns

Scifi/Fantasy has been my favorite genre for as long as I can rememeber. I still have a copy of a story I wrote when I was seven or eight about a martian come to earth. It even has a little drawing of said martian in the upper corner. The very […]