My Sexy Saturday

Sexy becomes her #MySexySaturday @ElanIsle #BDSM #dfrkw 2

Hey and welcome to another ‘My Sexy Saturday’ where we share 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from one of our works. My book Sizzling Attraction just came out on Thursday and when I saw the theme, well… talk about fitting ‘Sexy becomes her’ to a T. Beau’s a cowboy and has […]

Sexy strangers #MySexySaturday #MMRomance #action #suspense 2

Hey, and welcome to another wonderful My Sexy Saturday bloghop, where authors give snippets from their work. I’m giving 7 sentences from my recently released novel, Vespar. This is Marcolm’s reaction to meeting the tall, dark, and brooding stranger. ***** That day everything went wrong—from starting a new job that […]

My Sexy Holiday #MySexySaturday 1

Hello, My Sexy Saturday bloghoppers! It’s been a few months, but I’m back 🙂 At least for this week. Next year I have my bloghops on the calendar, so hopefully I’ll keep them up better. This week, the focus is on My Sexy Holiday. And as I had a holiday […]

My Sexy Carriage #MySexySaturday #PNR #librarytales @MySexySaturday

Welcome to another week of My Sexy Saturday snippets. Weekends are busy with bloghops so I usually get tired before I do this one, but this week I have persevered. Who doesn’t love a historical mixed with paranormal? In my book Through the Library Door, Landria finds a portal inside […]

My Sexy Shifter #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #PNR #Suspense 1

Hello, My Sexy Saturday world 🙂 This week, I’m having to give you a snippet from a WIP as I don’t have any shifter tales out. However, I do have one in the works. Here’s seven sentences from my WIP about a shifter who refuses to shift. Meet Cade. ***** […]