Finding His Home for #Backlist Monday

For today’s Backlist post, I chose Finding His Home, the 2nd book in my Men of Falcon Pointe DD series. I love this series. It focuses on the emotional release DD can give. Yes, there are sexy scenes, but they don’t necessarily have to do with spanking. And in Finding […]

Bane of My Existence for #BacklistMonday #BDSM #PNR

With a whole slew of BDSM novels coming out this year (and week), I thought it fitting to spotlight Bane of My Existence for Backlist Monday. Antonia has come to the BDSM club Liaisons for a job. She’s just not sure she wants to be there. ***** The lighting was dimmer than […]

Some Cory Venerin for #Backlist Monday #MMRomance #DD #spanking

Hey, it’s another wonderful Backlist Monday. Are you ready for a new week? It’s crazy trying to figure out which of my books I’ll highlight for Backlist Monday. Which name? Which book? I’m not sure if I need a roulette wheel or a dart board to decide 🙂 This week, […]

Nobody would think twice #Backlist Monday #romance @CorbinsBend

Hello Backlist Monday’ers 😀 Yeah, I missed last week – totally forgot about it 😀 This week, I thought I’d feature a snippet from A Holiday Beginning, one of the 2 Corbin’s Bend stories in A Holiday Duet.  ***** Cautiously, she pulled in next to a large SUV, and rolled […]

Some chemistry for #Backlist Monday @CorbinsBend #spanking #romance

Brent and Char’s new update novella, Knowing What She Needs, will be available next Sunday, February 1st. (There are plenty of snippets here on my blog for the past couple SatSpanks and WIPItUp posts). As such, I gave you a snippet from Finding Their Bliss last week for Backlist Monday. […]

Gloating looks good on you for #Backlist Monday #spanking @CorbinsBend

With Brent & Char’s update story Knowing What She Needs coming out on Feb 1st, I thought I’d give you some snippets that lead you from Finding Their Bliss to their new story. This snippet is from Finding Their Bliss, toward the end of the book. ***** Leaning against the […]

13th Time’s the Charm #Backlist Monday #spanking 2

For this week’s Backlist Monday, I thought I’d give you another peek at one of the free stories I’ve released in the past. This one is m/f and called Thirteenth Times the Charm. Thirteenth Time’s The CharmCopyright – Thianna D For reading only. Please do not copy or post anywhere else. […]

What’s going out of print? for #Backlist Monday #erotica

I have a few short stories and story collections that are going out of print as of the last day of this year. Thought I’d post those here so you can grab them if you are interested before they’re gone! First- I just cut 50% off the price of Lights! […]

Blake & Dusty’s prologue for #Backlist Monday #gay #glbt #romance #bdsm

Happy Christmas to all who celebrate! Happy Qwanzaa and Happy Channukah as well 🙂 And Happy any other holiday you celebrate.  I’m all for the winter’s solstice – which is today,  btw 🙂 For today’s Backlist Monday, I’m giving you a taster from The Blake/Dusty Chronicles: Two Sides of the […]