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There’s change a’coming #releases #writing #burnout 2

Hey,everyone 🙂 This year I have released a lot of books. Vespar Sizzling Attraction Ye Olde Kinke Faire Don’t Mess With His Pack A Shifter, a Fae, and a a Vampire Walk Into a Bar Making His Stand Knight in Shining Jaguar Light in the Dark Night and there are […]

When editors ruin good writers… #writing 2

Okay, first off, let me express that I love a good editor. They can find and fix the mistakes an author’s eyes overlook. However, given my experience with some publishers editors, I have to say they can also fuck an author’s writing up. Editor’s suggestions are nothing but opinions Shocking, […]

Blog Name Change… and all that jazz

Just a quick note. I’ve changed the name of my blog from “Thianna’s Blog” to “A Thia Thing Blog” as my posts have been recently and will continue to be about the books under all four of my names. Same blog – different name. It’s all A Thia Thing. And […]

He threw me against the wall #flashback #recovery

This morning I had a flashback. I haven’t had one of those in a long time – thought I’d worked through them all. Those of you who have worked through your personal demons, you’ll understand the shock of remembering an event you’ve blocked out. Once the memory comes, you remember […]

An online vacation #blog

Hi all 🙂 I’ve decided to do what I did last year and take the rest of the month of December as a vacation from online. It gets to be too much stress after awhile trying to make sure all the blog posts are ready, all my social networking is […]

BDSM 101: My Journey #BDSM101 4

My Journey into BDSM Anyone who knows me knows I do not like talking about myself. In fact I’m quite good at saying a lot, without saying anything at all, when it comes to me. However, since I’m being real with these BDSM 101 lessons and I want you to […]