A Thia Thing

Blog Name Change… and all that jazz

Just a quick note. I’ve changed the name of my blog from “Thianna’s Blog” to “A Thia Thing Blog” as my posts have been recently and will continue to be about the books under all four of my names. Same blog – different name. It’s all A Thia Thing. And […]

No more Kobo links

My books may still be available on Kobobooks, but here is why I won’t list the links on the books pages anymore.

Platform: Going all in ~ It’s #AThiaThing 3

I’ve always been a person who keeps myself to myself mostly. I’m quiet and was taught-unfortunately-that what people know about you can be twisted and hurt you. But a few months ago, I basically said “To hell with that!” and made all my author names known. That was freeing in and of itself. But I’m ready to go further. How far, you ask? Well, let me explain a little about my new platform.

Preparing the Marketing Press Kit 11

Hey all! Instead of talking about books or kink today, I thought I’d help new authors who are starting out know what they should put together. Put together? Yep. Think of it as your press kit. Someone – a blogger, another author, or even a fan – says “hey! I’d […]