A safe haven #8sunday #inspirational @BreeCariad #romance #lgbt 10

I’m joining in Weekend Writing Warriors this week with a snippet from the just released Light in the Dark Night, a Love Conquers All novel. #inspirational #MM #Romance Brecker has just suggested taking Aiden to Jonathon’s youth shelter, and Aiden had a very strong reaction. Brecker is the first to […]

Afraid of a little heat? #8sunday #romance #spanking 6

It’s been forever since I posted on WeWriWa, but I actually remembered this week. Go me! ***** “Afraid of a little heat?” she teased, licking salsa off the edge of a chip. Leaning forward, he looked directly into her eyes as she popped the chip into her mouth. “Not at […]

It usually worked for Matt #8sunday #CorbinsBend #romance #spanking 10

Hey, Weekend Writing Warriors! Julie’s having a bad afternoon… ***** It was just a mark of this horrible, dingy downtown apartment that the damned thing went off whenever it could, which was usually several times a day. Grabbing one of their kitchen chairs, she dragged it over underneath the alarm […]

The trees passed by… #CorbinsBend #spanking @CorbinsBend 14

Hey, Weekend Writing Warriors! What with my new book Where They Both Belong coming out this week, I thought I’d give a little tease from the very beginning of the book. Now available!     Amazon     Blushing Books ***** The trees passed by quickly as the car covered the miles […]

What you saw me doing – #8sunday #SexySnippets 18

Hello and a Sensual Sexy Sunday to you! Welcome to Sexy Snippets and Weekend Writing Warriors, where we give you teasers of our work every week. Ready for this week’s? I have chosen to give you a snippet of one of my favorite books. This was my 3rd library tale. […]

He was so intense, so strong, so hers – #SexySnippets #8sunday 20

Happy Sexy Sunday! Welcome to all you Sexy Snippet and Weekend Writing Warriors! I have a sexy little snippet from Bane of My Existence, my Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance novel. In this excerpt, Bane and Antonia have indulged in a little food play. This time, she pushed her tongue out, […]

It will all make sense #8Sunday #sexysnippets 22

Welcome Sexy Snippet readers and Weekend Warriors! Today I am giving you a little snippet from Bane of My Existence, my brand new Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance. In this scene, Antonia has agreed to be Master Bane’s sub and he is introducing her to their private play room. “That is […]