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For the next two Sundays, I’m giving you brief looks at the books that will be in Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World launch on Oct 13th. My book – If You Can’t Take The Heat -has it’s own post with an except. Look for it. Prepare for an amazing Oct 13th with the following books:

wendizwaduk-moltensteel_200Molten Steel

Author: Wendi Zwaduk

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Breaking down was never this freeing.

Rory Speedle charms the world and rocks the stage with his band, Disaster Transport. He’s dealt with ex-girlfriends, overzealous fans and letters from a stalker, but nothing has prepared him for his next concert date. When the tour bus catches fire on the outskirts of Dallas, he loses more than just his instruments. His desire to create music is gone and he believes his hope is next. Then he meets Cady Hollister and everything changes. She inspires him and stokes his desire.

Cady knows the handsome rock and roller won’t be in town long. He’s only at her hotel until the band bus is replaced. Still, he makes her feel like a woman again—sexy, desirable and beautiful. He claims he wants her in his life as more than a passing fancy. Can he convince her to five him a try or will his fame keep them from finding the love they both deserve?

Love could be his salvation, if he’s willing to work for the woman he wants.



Author: Tigris Eden

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Special Agent Jada Alexander has a great life working for the ATF’s S.E.E.K. unit, but she wishes her nights were filled with more than just Netflix marathons with her fur babies. She yearns for companionship, and while her quirks and fandoms keep her utterly entertained, it’s not the same as having someone to come home to.

When a blast from her past comes back into Jada’s life, she’s thrown for a loop, especially when both Dali and Poe act nothing like the dog and cat she’s come to know and love. They immediately accept the irresistible Nicklaus, and she begins to wonder if she has found her soul mate, her very own Viking god to warm her dark nights.

Until Klaus shatters her heart and tells her that he only wants her as a friend, that he’s not ready for a relationship. The problem…she’s already half in love with him, and now their lives are so intertwined, she might lose more than just the guy she was hoping to have forever with. She may lose all of her friends from Dallas Fire and Rescue, as well.

Jada’s life becomes much like the movies and songs constantly cycling through her head, but the question is, will she get her happily ever after with the matching ballad soundtrack, or will it be a tragedy with a death metal score?

kalyncooper-smoke-mirrors-200Smoke & Mirrors

Author: Kalyn Cooper

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She’s not what she seems. Neither is he. But the terrorist threat is real. So is the desire that smolders between them.






lexipost-fletcherflame-200Fletcher’s Flame

Author: Lexi Post

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Animal rescuer, Dana Wilson, has one mission in life – to save animals. Thanks to her life’s calling, she’s developed a distrust of men in authority. So when Bo Fletcher, a cowboy firefighter, decides to appoint himself her bodyguard, her hackles rise.

Bo’s physical attraction to Dana has him digging deeper into her personality, a need to understand her burning in his gut. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing burning. An arsonist appears to be nipping at Dana’s heels and Bo is determined to protect her.

As sparks fly between them, the fires come closer and closer to claiming Dana. Bo must make her see her own worth before they both go up in flames…literally.



Author: Regina Kammer

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Working wildlands fires is what Royce Donovan was born to do. But he’s been living in Dallas for the last year and fighting urban fires is fraying his nerves. When tragedy strikes, Royce finds solace in alcohol, and ends up in rehab on rural and remote San Juan Island.

Samantha Vickers swears she’s happy. She has the perfect job as Historian at San Juan Island’s National Park. Leaving the excitement and stress of the big city for the bucolic life of an island was a huge change—and a risk she had to take for peace of mind.

A firefighter coping with tragedy. A historian escaping traumatic shock. An island brings together two damaged souls seeking respite and recovery. Will they discover love as well?

aliyahburke-firedevil_200Fire Devil

Author: Aliyah Burke

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Carter Liaci gets the biggest shock of his life when he runs into the new arson investigator. Not only is it not a man, it’s a cute sexy blonde who he knows very well, his ex-wife. Understanding his mistake in letting her go, he wants her back in his life. But she’s hesitant, no doubt the flames are still there but the trust has gone. He’ll do what it takes to get it back.

Gina Moyer has come a long way since being just a wife. She’s found a way to stand on her own, make a difference. Even so, she knew the risks of running into her ex when she took this position, in this town. She wasn’t going to back down just because she would see him. But when she does, all those old feelings come back.

Will her job put her in to great of risk he can’t save her? Will they lose out on ever having a second chance?

donnamichaels-whineandrescue-200Whine and Rescue

Citizen Soldier Series/Dallas Fire & Rescue KW Crossover Novella

Author: Donna Michaels

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The brother of her sister’s fiancé is hotter than a Texas summer and back in Dallas making Layla Pickett want things she can’t have. Him. It doesn’t stop her from fantasizing though, especially since he often frequents her coffee shop—Coffee Cats—a place she opened for the firefighters to destress with kittens and cats while grabbing a quick coffee and a bite to eat. Although, whenever he’s near a very different destresser comes to mind.

Noah Donovan knew being around his future sister-in-law’s sister was going to be tougher than leaving his buddies in his guard unit and fire house up in the Poconos of PA. He’s faced bullets, bombs, and fires with those men, but returning to Dallas is even more dangerous. No amount of turnout or guard gear can protect him from the attraction that sizzle between him and Layla. And when he visits her shop, it’s not the cats he wants to play with.

But even if she is willing to take a chance on a guy who is about to become a permanent extended part of her family, will the fact her godfather is his captain put a damper on their heat?

valerietwombly-hisburningdesireHis Burning Desire

Author: Valerie Twombly

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Dragon shifter Connor O’Rourke loves his life as a firefighter, but one thing remains missing. His mate. She left him high and dry with only a note and the memory of her kiss. When several mysterious arsons are committed in Dallas, the shifter is called in to investigate and discovers Jenna working at the local firehouse.

Jenna Dunne was betrothed to the strong and sexy shifter at birth. While there was no doubt she wanted to be his mate, she is a halfling and might never bear him the children he desires. With his species dwindling and the barbaric rules their society enforces, she knows Connor could toss her aside for another woman. There is only one thing she can do to save her heart. Run.

Connor has two choices, free his mate from the bond that was started long ago or fight for the woman he loves. With an arsonist on the loose, Jenna’s life is in danger, and their chance for happiness may come too late.

rlquin-emergencycupid_200Emergency Cupid

Author: RL Quin

“When someone sets off a homemade love bomb in the middle of a Dallas fire station, Ellen is the obvious choice to clean it up. After all, she’s the number one Cupid in the department.

Wild love magic is everywhere, creating bad matches and causing chaos wherever Ellen turns. But Chaos itself has an interest in the situation and sends an agent from its own department to show Ellen there’s more than one way to approach a problem.

Ellen expects to take advantage of the variety of sexy, single emergency responders to add to her already impressive record of love matches. But nothing is going right, and her record may not be what she thought it was. People aren’t statistics. Love is more than finished paperwork. And maybe she needs to think about a happily ever after of her own before she can help others find theirs.”

And here are three more covers in the Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World, coming Oct 13th. Mark your calendar – your kindle is about to get heavier *wink*

ljgarland-heartsafire_200 desiree-holt-incindiary yvettehines-tokissaflame_200

More books will be featured in next week’s Dallas Fire & Rescue CSSundays post.

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