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Hello, Saturday Spankers~!

Have you heard of Blushing Books’ 12 Days of Christmas countdown? For each of the 12 days, a new story will be free on Blushing’s website – for 24 hours only. Starts on Sunday, December 7, 2014. Don’t miss a day! Or if you prefer to get it from Amazon, Blushing will be selling the entire 12 stories as a boxed set after the 12-days are over.

If you missed my hints these last couple weeks, I have 2 stories in that countdown and while my official SatSpanks post the last couple weeks has been from A Holiday Beginning (you can read another snippet here on the Corbin’s Bend Blog); this week, I’m making this official SatSpanks snippet from You’ve Been Gifted, a Corbin’s Bend short story staring Jonathon and Benjamin – two of our fan favorites. (if you didn’t read last week’s installment of J&B’s story, you can do so here.)

In this snippet, Cory is in the office to deliver a package. Brent is the first one speaking.

“Hey, Cory,” he said as he walked in. “You got something for me?”

As he spoke, Jonathon got up to put on his coat, but before he even had one arm in a sleeve, Cory surprised him. “Nope. But I was told there needed to be someone else here when I delivered this.”

“What?” Jonathon and Brent said at the same time.

His grin spreading so far Cory looked as though his face would split in half, he handed the box toward Jonathon. “You’ve been gifted.”

Gaping, Jonathon stared at the box in a combination of curious excitement and dismay. The dismay won out when a delighted glint entered Brent’s eyes.


You’ve Been Gifted
A Corbin’s Bend Short Story

It happened every year during the first 2 weeks of December. Longtime residents knew all about it and starting at Thanksgiving the rumors would flow. Who would it be this year? Who was behind it? And most importantly: What would they get?

December in Corbin’s Bend. Someone was about to be Gifted.

Now, on with your spankings!

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