You’ve Been Gifted, a short @CorbinsBend story coming this December #romance #humor #spanking #mm #SatSpanks

Hello, Saturday Spankers~! My official SatSpanks post is here. But as two short Corbin’s Bend stories will (hopefully) be debuting within days of one another, I thought I’d give you a taste from You’ve Been Gifted as well. This is a short story with two fan favorites: Jonathon & Benjamin.


Scratching his head absentmindedly, Jonathon glanced at the clock in the lower right-hand corner of his computer screen. December fifteenth, 11:42 a.m. Surely it would happen today. This was the latest anyone had ever been gifted since the place opened. A tradition in Corbin’s Bend, almost as old as the gift basket, one lucky individual or couple would receive a unique gift sometime during the first two weeks of December. Or at least it had happened every year up until now.

“Heard anything?” His head jerked up at the sound of Rose Rolson’s voice and he smiled but shook his head.


You’ve Been Gifted
A Corbin’s Bend Short Story

It happened every year during the first 2 weeks of December. Longtime residents knew all about it and starting at Thanksgiving the rumors would flow. Who would it be this year? Who was behind it? And most importantly: What would they get?

December in Corbin’s Bend. Someone was about to be Gifted. 

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