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If you have been following my blog, you have seen me teasing about Corbin’s Bend. What is it? When is it? Come on! Tell us more! Yep, I heard you. And today, you get the scoop.
Corbin’s Bend is a fictitious (though we prefer to think of it as the place we would all like to live in) housing community in Colorado where everyone is a spanko. Yep, you heard it. All adults are either spanko or spanko friendly, so no having to hide that relationship / kink anymore. Ten authors have written (or are currently writing) novellas about this amazing place. When will these wonderful spanking romances be released? May through August of this year from LazyDay Publishing
Doesn’t that list make you salivate? Want more information? The website is being built, but you can sign up to receive notifications of when the website is ready and when each of the books is released by going to Corbin’s Bend and subscribe to our email list. 
Now, for my treat. I’ve written a prequel to the series. This little vignette takes place about 9 months before the first book. Brittany told some white lies and broke a huge rule. No matter what, her guilt pervades the entire house.

UPDATED June 27, 2014:

Eau de Guilt has been removed as it is being included with one of the Corbin’s Bend books titled Where They Both Belong. It will be available soon!

What would be the perfect setting for a Winter spanking?

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47 thoughts on “Eau de Guilt #WinterSpanks #CorbinsBend #SatSpanks

  • Tara Finnegan

    What a great introduction, Thianna. I love it, it&#39;s all very exciting.<br />The perfect place for a winter spanking? Why Corbin&#39;s Bend of course πŸ˜€ Safe, secure and spanked in Colorado, where could be better?<br />

  • PK Corey

    This is a great story, fully warned, thoroughly spanked. I have to say a good spanking in from of an equally warm fire would be a great place this winter.<br />pk.corey@yahoo.com

  • La Crimson Femme

    I think the linky list was melted down from too much smexy spanking stories. Hehehe<br /><br />The perfect setting for a winter spanking? Ice cubes up the bum, OTK in front of a nice warm fire. <br /><br />lacrimsonfemme at gmail dot com

  • Cat

    Thanks for a great prequel Thianna…definitely looking forward to reading more about Corbin&#39;s Bend. The perfect setting for a winter spanking? Somewhere warm or failing that, cuddled up in a quilt with a space heater or nice warm fire. ;)<br /><br />Blessings…<br />Cat catsbrighteyes at gmail dot com

  • Natasha Knight

    OMG that was super Thianna. I had goosebumps! That&#39;s the best feeling, I love it – that buildup, the dread. A saw horse! I have to google a pic because I always think they&#39;re too high but I don&#39;t think they really are. I&#39;m thinking. <br /><br />OK, anyhow a winter spanking setting – I am having this idea of doing it outside – a pair of uggs on, pants and panties pulled down but a

  • His First Mate

    Oh I read some stories about a spanko community before and loved them! Excited to read these! I think the perfect setting for a winter spanking would be a log cabin, fireplace going , snowed in OR outside in the snow. We&#39;d hot tub first, Then as we were getting out…..

  • Patricia Green

    The title is perfect for the story. You always amuse me, Thianna. To me, the perfect setting for a winter spanking would be a private chalet in the Alps. Hot buttered bourbon to follow.

  • amy bowens

    Love the idea of Corbin&#39;s Bend wish this was a real place I would definitely live there. The Perfect winter spanking for me would be by the fireplace in a log cabin with the snow falling down! Thanks for sharing your story I look forward to reading more ! <br />amybowens34@yahoo.com

  • hotdiggitylaura

    This is a terrific prequel. I can&#39;t wait to read Corbin&#39;s Bend. In answer to your question, the perfect winter speaking for me would be over my late hubby&#39;s lap as he chastises me. <br />laurah2727@yahoo.com

  • Casey McKay

    yum! I loved this story.<br />My perfect setting for a winter spanking would be a tropical island. I hate the winter!<br />casey1mckay@gmail.com

  • Renee M

    I have been catching glimpses of Corbin&#39;s Bend on different blogs. Loved the preview. I&#39;m with Casey – somewhere warm and tropical. Thanks<br />rameyer.nmb@gmail.com

  • Evil Tammy

    Love the story!!!<br /><br />Perfect winter spanking…no doubt…it would have to be in front of a cozy fire.<br /><br />tammyfaris1966 at gmaildotcom

  • LA Cloutier

    I really like the idea of the ring on the wall in front of the saw-horse. Corbin&#39;s Bend sounds like it&#39;s going to be a lot of fun to read. <br />For me the perfect setting for a winter spanking would be someplace romantically secluded. A small cozy cabin high in the mountains, pre-cut firewood stacked neatly just outside the door, and a crackling fire emitting its warmth and aroma from

  • Celeste Jones

    Can&#39;t wait for more from Corbin&#39;s Bend! <br /><br />Perfect setting for a winter spanking—-I&#39;m going to join the fans of the roaring fire. <br />celestejones215@rocketmail.com

  • katherinedeane

    The saw horse sounded awesome!<br />Great story!<br />I can&#39;t wait for this series to come out!<br /><br />For me, it would be me, my hubby, in a warm cabin. Lots of spankings, and other fun stuff. :)<br />Katherinedeane40 at gmail dot com

  • Kathryn R. Blake

    Loved your intro, Thianna. So, exciting! A perfect winter spanking – I&#39;m an inside girl, so it would have to be inside, a crackling fire in the fireplace, a few drinks and a gentle warm-up prior to making love. I think I might like that.<br /><br />krblake@kathrynrblake.com

  • Cathy Lee

    Oh My…A whole community of &quot;spankos&quot;? My luck, that&#39;s where I&#39;d wander into–and be totally clueless! As a beach-goer, though, I think that would be a good spanking locale.<br />capefearlibn at gmail dot com

  • Barbara McCormick

    Oh, I&#39;m so looking forward to Corbin&#39;s Bend! This little intro definitely raises my hopes even higher! You know I&#39;ll be wandering the mountains looking for this place, right? As for the perfect place for a winter spanking, well, on the heated sunporch of a home on the side of a mountain, with snow falling all around. Not, of course, that the spankee would have much chance to

  • Sue Lyndon

    Great story, Thianna. Definitely looking forward to more of Corbin&#39;s Bend! I think the perfect setting for a winter spanking is inside in front of a warm fire while the snow is falling quietly outside. authorsuelyndon @ gmail.com

  • Heather Hand

    Wow I wanna read all the stories now! I suck at patience!!<br /><br />A perfect winter spanking? Somewhere outside &amp; secluded where winter doesn&#39;t mean cold &amp; snow but sunshine &amp; nice heat – I fantasize about Arizona….<br /><br />Email -&gt;hhand (at) sasktel (dot) net

  • Abigail Armani

    Lovely intro Thianna.<br />Imagine a community of spankers at Corbin&#39;s Bend – they must save a fortune on heating … all those burning bottoms would generate plenty of heat! Better book me a place please ;)<br />abigailarmani2@gmail.com

  • Shadow

    What an awesome series coming out! Im gonna admit, ive never heard of the club. Definitely interested! For research of course. LOL Hmm. Good question! Im thinking some frolicking in the snow, a switch of the tree, a bit of ice cycle play. πŸ˜› Sounds fun! hehe Thank you!<br />shadowluvs2read(at)gmail(dot)com

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