Yes, I’m considering dropping Amazon 19

Arguably, Amazon is the largest seller of ebooks. And yet…when they make it impossible for people to find your books without knowing the exact URL, they become superfluous. Why am I saying this? My latest release “Erotic Shorts, Volume III” has been classified in such a way that it will NOT show up in search results – it won’t even show up on my author list, even though I tagged it and it shows on the author side that it is ‘my’ book. 
Obviously they do not want to sell it. That’s okay. I also distribute through Smashwords, which gives me a much larger ability to get my books out to fans. My books are at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and some of them are at iTunes. Not to mention all the other websites that Smashwords distributes through. 

Those books that go through publishers will end up on Amazon, but I am seriously considering not listing through them anymore. So, considering that you can buy mobi files which work on Kindle from Smashwords, would you stop buying my ebooks if I did not make them available from Amazon?

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19 thoughts on “Yes, I’m considering dropping Amazon

  • Joelle

    I'm struggling with this too, Thianna. I actually unpublished my book on Amazon because I made some additions at the beginning and I'm going to pay a friend to have it formatted. Then I'm putting it up on Smashwords; I never got dinged in the Amazon censorship, but because of how many envelopes I push, I expected to every day.

    • Thianna D

      I can understand it. There is no hard and fast rule to follow – except for one: If you are from a large publisher, you are safe no matter what is in the book. And they have the right to do whatever they want. <br /><br />But then, so do we. It was Erotica that truly got the Kindle to be the hottest eReader out there. The way I look at it, is if they don&#39;t want to sell my book, why have it up

    • Joelle Casteel

      yeah, I agree on &quot;got them there&quot;… it&#39;s like Kobo, I saw the figure tossed around that 75% of their store was erotica, but they don&#39;t want us? whatever. Because yeah, Smashwords wants us. And we have sites like allromanceebooks that want us.

    • Thianna D

      And I think the Kobo thing was mostly the UK – where they have passed some rather draconian laws about what you can and cannot have on your computer. All of my stuff from Smashwords has been sent through to Kobo and is doing fine. <br /><br />iTunes is the pickiest. They say they have no problem with erotica – BUT they read through each erotic story and it can take months before it will post on

    • Thianna D

      It must be – but considering my former books…this cover is not erotic at all, and it is tamer than others. I figure they have the right to sell what they want to sell…but erotica is a HUGE chunk of their eSales. And if they kill it, then what?<br /><br />I figure those who have the Kindle can still buy my books on SMashwords and download a mobi, but they can also download an ePub and if they

    • Thianna D

      It&#39;s sad. And part of the problem, I assume, is the fact that transaction gateways (the people that process the payments) tend to enforce their ideals. But I didn&#39;t find out until lately that those ebooks we think we own on Kindle are not in fact owned by us – that was a mind blower.

  • christinamandara

    If Amazon do too much more of this rot to discourage authors and their loyal fans they deserve to be ostracised by all and sundry. I suspect that they&#39;ll lose A LOT of sales over this, and their Kindle devices will also suffer. People like what they like and if they can&#39;t get it on Amazon, they will of course go elsewhere. There are plenty of other retail outlets for eBooks on the net…

  • Natasha Knight

    I found it just now easily unless you ended up re-uploading it? Do you know how to find out if your books are adult tagged? i can look up the address again if you don&#39;t, let me know.

  • Daizie Draper

    I think it takes time. The fifth book in my Sorority Pledge Saga just went up yesterday, and I don&#39;t think it is searchable yet. I looked for it yesterday and couldn&#39;t find it. I was worried about this one because the girl on the cover is nude. Even without the letters over her, you can&#39;t see anything in the pic because she&#39;s covered by her hair and is scrunched over, but still,

    • Thianna D

      OH yes, I link through author central the first day. But this time, it took over a week for it to appear on my author page. I think Amazon is just doing what they always do.

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