New Look…don’t get lost! 6

Okay, so I enjoyed the old look but I have known for awhile I needed a new one. I’ve been digging through themes, ripping them apart, tossing most out and then I came upon this one and dug into the code and made it my own.

Welcome to the new look. It will take a little while to get used to, but the navigation is on the top. All my published or soon-to-be-published books are on the red strip and everything is underneath.

Don’t be surprised if there is a tweak here and a tweak there over the next few days. You know how it is. You move into a new place, get all your furniture out and realize this needs to go over there. And that, needs to go down there and…

6 thoughts on “New Look…don’t get lost!

  • LA Cloutier

    Nice new look, Thianna. I used to build websites and play with code, I like that blogger has the HTML editor built in. Sadly a lot of code today has changed from I&#39;m used to.<br />I love the pic you have for your background. It&#39;s very sleek and stylish.

    • Thianna D

      Thanks LA:) I know what you mean. I haven&#39;t developed for the web professionally in several years so I spent a lot of time looking up info in google to get the calls right. <br /><br />And I love the image too. I wanted something subtle and had an image that after some tweaking bleeds nicely into the background. And I made sure she only showed up once. Repeating designs can get too annoying

    • Thianna D

      I know – LOL It is very different. But my blog seriously needed a huge overhaul. Was getting too big for its britches. Now it has growing room 🙂

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