Rearranging Priorities 9

This week has been an eye-opener for me. I have been working hard, 16-20 hour days for months to get things done, get things written, advertise this, market that, edit this, decide on that.

On either Wednesday night or Thursday morning I took a step in the right direction. I deleted one of my social networks. Which one?


Now for many of you, you might wonder ‘why Fetlife’ given the fact it is a social network for kinky people – well, it did not suit me anymore. I may have needed it before but for months all it has been has been a dead weight in my list of places to ‘keep up’. I have nothing against the site. It was needed a few years ago. But it was nothing to me anymore and it is now gone.

After spending most of the day yesterday without power and coming up online to find that once again someone downloaded ALL my Blake/Dusty series and then returned them within a day… well, I realized I was killing myself for nothing.

I do not know which of my websites, blogs, or social networks will get the axe next, but I intend to cut all of the extraneous stuff that is pure work and no reward out of my life.

I will probably only blog a few times a week now instead of every day. My focus is changing and I am going to concentrate on the stuff I enjoy and that gives back some of what I give to it. This will give me more time to write, study and yes… date. I will admit I have turned down a couple dates lately because I was behind on a deadline.

I am only 44 years old and I need some life in my life… not just work. I have given a year to this blog and will continue it, but hopefully it has enough interest to keep you coming back. If not, fare thee well.

I am off to live my life instead of just hoping for or writing about it. From hereon out, I put myself first.

9 thoughts on “Rearranging Priorities

  • Cara Bristol

    I totally understand where you're coming from. When you first start writing, you need to get involved in social networks to make your writing a success, but then social networks begin to prevent you from writing and start to take over your life. There are so many things one CAN do, but you CAN'T do them all. I've limited myself to just a few social network sites.

    • Thianna D

      Thanks Jennifer:) Fetlife was just too much – too much drama, too many posers, too much of not enough of what I needed…<br /><br />At least we can still read each other&#39;s blogs 🙂 And if you are facebook, i&#39;m there too… though it is one of those I am on the fence about keeping.

    • Jennifer

      There are too many forums to worry about drama – go to another – if they are friends delete them ;)<br />Raise yer glass to the power of the delete button!<br />Now you wanna talk about drama: Alt and CM – yepyep<br /><br />Wait til you see today&#39;s post on my blog – I placed a conversation I had a while back with a troll – thought it would be a hoot …. well, also a learning experience for

    • Thianna D

      If it was just one person every once in awhile, it wouldn&#39;t be so bad, but when it becomes constant… too much:) People think I am stoic because I rarely show my emotions on the outside. As such, they think I can take anything.<br /><br />Fact is, I&#39;m a complete marshmallow on the inside and just hide the hurt.<br /><br />Look forward to reading your post. I hung out on ALT for, oh,

  • Billy Masters

    What u said.. I sometimes find my self spending time socializing when I should be writing. But it&#39;s a good<br />break from writing. Especially when you find such interesting people such as yourself. OK lets hear it. Ahhhh

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