My Kink is better than your kink 13

My Kink is better than Your Kink. That is how it feels almost every day on Fetlife.

I swear, I listen to some of these people standing up with their noses in the air (Okay, so they were probably sitting with their noses in the air when they wrote those things, but go with the flow here…) talking about how certain kinks should never be allowed.

They are really mouthy about it. I’m talking constantly. Blah blah blah. I am so fucking tired of it.

None of us has the right to judge another person for their festishes/kink. NONE OF US. There are tons of fetishes/kinks that turn me off, but I sure as hell will stand up for others rights to do them. Even if I don’t understand them. (And beating beaten to a bloody pulp for sexual pleasure is something I REALLY don’t understand.)

And yet, one of my kinks is continually looked down upon, chastised, and otherwise looked upon as disgusting and dirty. And yet it literally harms NOBODY. No bruises internally or externally, nobody is forced into anything, and you don’t even need toys to do it… though they can be fun. *smirk*

So, I really wish I could go up to some of these people and make them see sense. It wouldn’t work. They need something to be worse than what they do, so they have chosen what I fantasize about as that ‘thing’ they can deny.

Why can’t we all just fucking get along? Seriously. You do your thing. I’ll do my thing. We won’t judge one another.

Well, now, wouldn’t that be a nice place to live. Who’s with me? We can buy condos in the same neighborhood.

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13 thoughts on “My Kink is better than your kink

    • Thianna D

      lol<br /><br />Well, I just think the sad thing is to have a community of people who really should not judge considering what they do, judging others. It is just so wrong. And now I&#39;m judging their judging. hmmm.<br /><br />Let he (or she) who has never been spanked or spanked someone else cast the first stone? *smirk*

  • Penelope Jones

    I&#39;m totally curious as to what the kink is also! lol <br /><br />Judgmental people are the bane of humanity…but they aren&#39;t going away. They judge you because they know someone is judging them. Sad … but true. 🙁 <br /><br />Bad Penny

  • Ciaran Dwynvil

    I&#39;m sorry you got on the receiving end of judgment. It would be great if people stopped judging one another based on prejudice. But you don&#39;t have to pay attention to those who look down at your kink. In essence, it is their loss that they do not wish to open their minds to the remote possibility that something else than what they know and appreciate can be pleasurable too.

    • Thianna D

      Good point. I need to stop giving them the power to make me wonder if I&#39;m &#39;bad&#39; or &#39;wrong&#39;. Your last sentence was perfect.

    • Thianna D

      Good point. Closeted in some way or another.<br /><br />It is a very good point. I never thought of it in regards to kinks before, but I always think the higher the degree of homophobia, the more likely the individual has some homosexual feelings. Kind of a cover up mentality. <br /><br />It would make sense that would also pertain to kink. The &#39;he who protesteth too much&#39; adage.<br /><br

  • Kiki Wellington

    So, you&#39;re not going to tell us what this mysterious kink is? You tease 😛 I&#39;ve never been on Fetlife, but I thought it was an anything goes affair. Sorry you&#39;re being judged 🙁 That sucks!

    • Thianna D

      I am. I&#39;m a glorious tease. La la la la LOL<br /><br />Yeah, Fetlife is just a microcosm of the outside world and includes all the little issues.

    • Thianna D

      A friend of mine who is an anthropologist says that is how humans are – that we like to wear blinders and look down on others. <br /><br />I thought that was a sad commentary on humans as a whole.

  • Jennifer

    I&#39;m with you, Thianna. I&#39;ve always said; for a community that hates to be judged by society, they sure do judge their peers harshly

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