The golden boy or the bad boy? 3

This is a short post. I’m hoping to hear your POVs.

We all love the hero, but what type do we love the best?

Some prefer the golden boy who is heroic from day 1. He always does what’s right, makes his intentions known and is always the ‘good guy’.

I like the golden boy, but I also like the bad boy who becomes the hero. He is troubled, has issues and at the beginning of the book may be a total ass. He may put the other hero/heroine through hell throughout the story because of his issues, but by the end has changed and deserves the other hero or heroine. But he still is a bit rough around the edges.

What is your preference – the golden boy? Or the bad boy?

3 thoughts on “The golden boy or the bad boy?

  • Cat

    I like the "bad boy" who is really a golden boy on the inside wrapped in some degree of an edgy bad boy exterior. They are more intriguing and interesting. What's the story behind the edgy exterior, what are the reasons for it? There is more potential for their self discovery and growth.

  • Jennifer

    I think the boy that &quot;looks&quot; bad is hot.<br />For example, the biker.<br />At first glance, he&#39;s sexy in leather but oh so dangerous and unapproachable – if you dont cross the street to get out of his way and give him a 2nd glance you might see him hand his sandwich to a beggar or help the lil old lady cross the street.<br />Misunderstood? Maybe.<br />Doesnt give a damn about rules?

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