Lights! Camera! Ecstasy! Coming Valentine’s Day 2

Originally, I hadn’t planned on releasing this yet, but I decided… why the hell not? Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers. But what do you do when nobody loves you but you?

Coming Valentine’s Day

Lights! Camera! Ecstasy! 
Author: Thianna D

Length: Short Story
Genre: Erotica
Series: None

When her boss caught her masturbating at work, she was embarrassed. That it was to his picture made it even worse. Until he made her an offer she could not refuse.

A gift for Valentine’s Day for those of us who do not have anyone special… except our own hand.

And who can love you better than yourself?

A celebratory short erotic story of self-loving.

2 thoughts on “Lights! Camera! Ecstasy! Coming Valentine’s Day

  • Anonymous

    Everybody does a little self love & what's not to love?! The sweet seduction of self discovery should be approached as important exploration of our bodies. Your sexual satisfaction is yours to quench or ignite. What better way to start than by your own hand. Then when you find that person you want to rock your world they will better be able to do so. Until then have fun! Look forward to

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