Things I have learned from the Countdown 8

Happy New Year! Are you tired of hearing that yet?

Personally I am glad 2012 is behind us and everyone can stop talking about the end of the world and instead live the life of their dreams. A much better frame of mind:)

I made notes about things I learned as I hosted the Erotic Holiday Countdown as I wanted to remember them as they came up. I thought I would share them with you if you decide to pull off something similar:

  1. Have the countdown have a theme… (This I did to some extent, but I think it was too broad.)
  2. Have the countdown have a genre… (I received a lot of complaints from people who would read a story one day they loved and then the next day got one in a completely different genre – I thought it would be nice to have tons of different genres so that there was something for everyone.) Lesson learned.
  3. Start asking for submissions early – like months ahead of time.
  4. Have a minimum AND a maximum amount of words. 
  5. Have stories submitted before a certain date for possible acceptance. All stories must be submitted in full so I can create a better calendar and not over-stress as the time draws near. 
  6. While advertising the countdown, I lost track of my own books at the beginning. I need to make up a marketing plan that keeps me in mind.
  7. It is okay not to be perfect – That is a sign I need to have hanging right in front of my eyes at all times. 
  8. I need to write a specified set of rules for the countdown so that all authors know what to expect and I know what I can expect from them.
  9. To enjoy the process.
  10. To find someone I can trust enough to give them access to my blog so that someone besides me can post and tweak the entries as they get ready to go live.
  11. There is life outside the countdown. I must live it.
  12. I will definitely do this again. It was an amazing experience. I have met some authors I did not know existed – one who did not even think of himself as an author and his story was AMAZING! 
This truly was an amazing experience and I would like to thank Ray, Max, Penelope, Kiki, Dane, Macy and Travis for participating.
So, what’s next? Well, I am already considering a Countdown for this summer…

But even more importantly… I’m planning a book tour. Yep, that’s right. Me, possibly in your town, signing my books and talking about sex. More info coming soon! If you haven’t voted in the poll… do so now! It is on the upper left of the page. If your city isn’t listed, put it in a comment:-) for this post!

8 thoughts on “Things I have learned from the Countdown

  • Cara Bristol

    Every major promotion is a learning experience; it&#39;s hard to anticipate or predict everything that will happen. One thing I&#39;ve learned is to spell out firm, explicit guidelines. What you understand and what they understand can be totally different.<br /><br />And, it&#39;s great to promote other authors — it can benefit you in the long run, but you have to make sure that your needs are

  • Kiki Wellington

    I certainly appreciate the amount of work you put into it. I can only imagine how much time you dedicated to the Countdown, and I think you did a fantastic job 🙂

    • Thianna D

      Thanks Kiki:) I will admit I was burnt out by the 25th. It&#39;s taken six days before I wanted to write or edit again. But, i&#39;m back on track…<br /><br />Thanks for joining in:)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for everything Thianna! Your efforts in helping me, and in hosting an amazing erotic countdown were greatly appreciated by this rookie. But you still have the &quot;Queen of the Cliffhanger&quot; Title. Grrrr….<br /><br />*Hugs and Kisses*<br />Dane

  • Max

    It thought this was a really awesome exercise! It gave me a chance to try out some new material, try my hand at some (last minute) collaboration, and look at alternatives to add to my current promotion/marketing efforts.<br /><br />Based on the statistics, the big takeaway I had was that a short story that fits in one day has a lot more draw than a short story split over multiple days. Which

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