Shower Revelations 8

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Many authors admit to having breakthroughs in the shower. I am one of them. I stopped counting the many times I was at a standstill in the story and the way through came to me in the shower.

But that does not mean that all shower revelations are good ones.

Like the one I just had. Prepare the mind bleach.

Okay, so I was thinking about the video I am creating for book-tour funding and for some bizarre reason the phrase “I’m a little bit kinky” hit me, but it was the way it came that is just so bad and headache inducing.

Remember the Donny & Marie show from the 70s? See where I’m going with this? No? Okay, let me sing it… *cough cough gargle gargle*

“I’m a little bit kinky. You’re a little bit dominant…”

Now do you see where my brain went with it? Suddenly my brain put on the Dom and Subbie Show. I heard it in Donny & Marie’s voices, only instead of the cheesy outfits they always wore, I saw the sub in a leather corset with 5″ fuck-me heels, a micro skirt that matched the corset and, bright red stockings. The Dom had on tight leather pants to show off his very large goods (because we know that all erotica Dominants are at least 8″ long and 3″ in diameter) and a leather vest, not to mention his tattoos. (Remind me to tell you about the time I made a guy teenie! The character was not happy with me.)

Unfortunately, their hairdos were circa 1975.

Now I wish I could wash out my mind with bleach, because not only does that song play over and over in my head, but while they might be dressed the part, their dialogue is still cheesy. Not to mention the straight white teeth and stupid grins and laughter.

I’m sure Marie would be horrified to hear what my kinky brain did to their show, but I’m thinking Donny might be a little more down with it. I could see him in leather.

Okay, I need to get that song out of my head. Help!

8 thoughts on “Shower Revelations

    • Thianna D

      *giggles* Don't you love it when people share? *ducks* The only way I got it out of my head was my mind started singing "Thank heaven for little girls" from the musical GiGi and I gotta tell you – it isn't much better.

  • Cara Bristol

    I, too, get a lot of inspiration in the shower. And I used to watch the Donny and Marie show, so I know the song, and yes, Mormon Marie would probably be horrified. But how fun it is….

    • Thianna D

      *snicker* Was this blog post an example of 'misery loves company'? I was suffering from the song so I shared with all of you. Now you suffer right along with me?

  • Anonymous

    Too funny! Just don&#39;t start thinking about &quot;It&#39;s a Small World&quot;. That will stick there for days! I must not be a writer, for when I am the shower my thoughts tend towards other things….<br /><br />Dane

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