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I have been asked questions about where I get my ideas from or why I wrote a specific book or even about the characters in one of my books. I thought this week I would tackle a few of them. Starting with…

Why Libraries?

Well, are you ready for TMI? I have been a lover of books since before I could read. I love the

  • scent of them
  • the feel of the pages under my fingers
  • the creak of the binding opening
  • the way a book that knows me turns to exactly the page I wanted
  • the pure sensuality of holding a book in my hands
  • the whisper as each page is turned
  • I could go on  but I’m turning myself on
I read my first erotic story when I was very young and now that I look back, books themselves had the ability to turn me on. So, I guess it was just natural that when I got my first job at a library, that sex would come into it sooner or later. I was working on the 3rd level – the Law Library of the university I was going to at the time – and (if you have read Britta’s Punishment, this is going to sound very familiar) I was up there one day putting the books away. Nobody was around and one thing led to another… 
Have I mentioned I love to masturbate? Well… I am sure you can put two and two together. I was interrupted by a man on the other side of the aisle looking up something and staring at me. *snicker* As my arm was underneath my clothing, I have no idea how much he saw or if he even knew what I was doing. But by his expression? I think he knew something was up.
Go forward twenty years and I was working at another library. Once again all those same desires came to me and that was when I actually realized that libraries turned me on. So when I started publishing my works in eFormat, writing erotic fiction with a library as its core just seemed natural.
So… sorry you asked? *grins* 
Tomorrow I will answer the question How did I come up with Blake & Dusty?

8 thoughts on “Why Libraries?

  • Joseph McNamara

    This unique action can be found in men too, I must confess. With the word, which has always been a vein to my eros, I have to admit to a few lusty moments in the stacks of a library now and then throughout the years. Love Cara's take "One Handed Reading" Indeed…..

  • sirrobertstories

    I discovered "Philosophy in the Bedroom" by the Marquis de Sade in a library when I was like sixteen. That I blushed is an understatement. It belonged to a collection of erotic novels that had a particular format so I found myself searching for similar volumes in that library for years after that. Each time a new one arrived, I tried to sneak a peek without being too obvious… cause I

    • Thianna D

      Thanks Sir Robert:) <br /><br />Oh, I love de Sade&#39;s writings. As much of a bastard as he was in his actual life, his constant in-your-face non-conformist attitude to the current philosophers of the day is just too funny. And yes, his writing is definitely hot!<br /><br />Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll:)

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