Uncomfortable #SatSpanks #FalconPointe #MMromance 4

Happy Saturday, spankos! I’ve got another snippet from 959 Brenton Street for you this week. Trent’s dealing with being newly out in his new community and the fact his parents are trying to keep him ‘in line’. This is right after a stress filled call with his mother. ***** He sighed […]

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Audiobooks…and all that jazz #SedStuds #audiobooks #audio #MMRomance

Happy Saturday, Seductive Studs While usually I give you a snippet from one of my books, I decided to do something a little different this week. IT’s October now and the leaves are falling outside. Every morning has that wonderful crisp cool that means only one thing – Fall. One […]

An Angel #WipItUp #MMRomance @CorbinsBend #spanking 4

 Hey! It’s another wonderful WIPItUp Wednesday! I forgot to post last week, but I’m baaaaaaaaack! 😀 Miss me? So, I have several wips. Hundreds, really, but about a dozen I’m working on right this moment. I have 1 book coming out Oct 20th, one Nov 11th, and one Nov 20th. I’m […]



Chemistry of Attraction #6BestHop @CorbinsBend #spanking #romance

Welcome to another week of 6 of the Best. I missed the last week or two. Kept forgetting to sign up. But woot! I’m back again 😀 Going along with the theme I started the last time I posted… With Season Four of Corbin’s Bend about to launch and the […]

A trade secret #SedStuds #DD #MMRomance

Hey everyone! It’s a wonderful Saturday, don’t you think? Time for more Seductive Studs. I thought I’d have a flashback to two of my favorite seductive studs: Logan and Christian. hubba hubba This scene takes place 24 hours after they met for the first time at a Christmas party, where […]



Sexy Today #MySexySaturday #MMRomance #DD #sapiosexual 1

Hey and welcome to another My Sexy Saturday. Help celebrate 100 weeks of sexy hops. This week’s theme is Sexy Today. Guess what I think is super sexy from this snippet from 959 Brenton Street which will be out in November. ***** Trent hoped it was a phase, since Cory […]

You need some? Use them #SatSpanks #FalconPointe #MMRomance 4

Happy Saturday, spankos! Cover reveal party for 959 Brenton Street on October third on Facebook. For now, Cory and Trent were talking and Trent just asked what Cory was trying to warn him about. ***** “There are condoms and lube everywhere in the house, Trent. You need some? Use them. […]

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One Sexy Boy #MysexySaturday #paranormal #suspense #MMRomance #horror

Hello, and welcome to another wonderful My Sexy Saturday bloghop. This week, the topic is One Sexy Boy. Sexiness can be anything from that treasure trail to even the geeky glasses – different strokes for different folks. I’m giving you 7 sentences about my sexy boy Jaret from Discovery. Because what’s sexier […]

Bang! #SedStuds #holiday #Christmas #MMromance #paranormal 3

Hey, and welcome to another wonderful Seductive Studs bloghop. This week, I’m giving a snippet from a short holiday story that’s coming out on October 20th: Leland’s Final Gift. ***** Bang! Thane jumped at the sound, glancing around as he stepped out of the elevator on the top floor of […]


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Fair warning #SatSpanks #FalconPointe #MMRomance 2

Happy Saturday, spankos! Have a release date for 959 Brenton Street – just 2 months to go. Here’s another snippet. Cory has just suggested Trent come with him for a drive. He’s headed to a mini-mall that has a store that sells mattresses. ***** “That way you don’t have to […]