Cover Reveal for A Good Family Man

Check out the cover for A Good Family Man, the first book I’ll have out under the name Thianna Durston. Woot! I’m excited. A Good Family Man Series: Corbin’s Bend, Season Three Cover Artist: Anthony Walsh, The Cover Artisan Release Date: Aug 6, 2015 Jack Carmichael’s natural instinct is to […]



Maybe you should shoot it #WIPItUp @CorbinsBend #romance #spanking 2

It’s another WipItUp Wednesday. How about Corbin and Zinnia’s First meet? Yeah, thought you’d like this ***** Corbin met several residents on his walk: Mrs. McCovey who was mostly blind and kept asking him if he was sure he wasn’t Cary Grant, Quincy Lauder who seemed a little too interested in […]

It’s time to catch a knight #CSSundays #inspirational #romance #courting   Recently updated !

  Today for Coming Soon Sunday, I’ve got a snippet from the sixth book in Bree Cariad’s In Hyacinth series. Who else is intrigued with Hyacinth? Courted by a Knight Author: Bree Cariad In Hyacinth, Book Six Marketing copy: Deeka Williams is uncertain of her courting year. The list of […]



Meet Zinnia Loraine #WipItUp @CorbinsBend #romance #spanking #DD 2

It’s another WipItUp Wednesday. Last week, I introduced you to Corbin -and oh he’s yummie. This week, get to know Zinnia. ***** Boom! Zinnia Loraine barely winced as her car backfired. Again. The poor thing was truly on its last legs. Actually, it was probably past its last legs. Legless. It […]

Meet Corbin Nelson #WIPItUp @CorbinsBend #romance #spanking 8

It’s another WipItUp Wednesday. Taking a month break from the highlander/time-travel story – it’ll be back in May. But for the next few weeks, I’m giving you snippets from His Damsel in Distress, 1st book in Season Three of Corbin’s Bend. You’ve known the name Corbin’s Bend for awhile – now […]


Mr. Grey vs Mr. Grey

Okay, by now everyone in the world has heard of 50 Shades. I’m sure natives in the wilds of Africa have heard of 50 Shades (yes, that was sarcasm). But lately, there has been a huge release of one-liners comparing the movie Fifty Shades of Grey to Secretary. And they […]