Sexy becomes her #MySexySaturday @ElanIsle #BDSM #dfrkw 1

Hey and welcome to another ‘My Sexy Saturday’ where we share 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from one of our works. My book Sizzling Attraction just came out on Thursday and when I saw the theme, well… talk about fitting ‘Sexy becomes her’ to a T. Beau’s a cowboy and has […]

Too good to stop #SatSpanks #BDSM @ElanIsle #DFRKW 5

Happy Saturday, Spankos 🙂 Yesterday Sizzling Attraction was released. Woot! This prequel to the Elan Isle contemporary BDSM romance series is hot all on its own. Here’s a little taste. (And don’t forget that the 1st novel in Elan Isle, while not in general release until Feb 16th, is available […]

Now available – 2 new books! @ElanIsle #BDSM #Dfrkw

Get the hoopla folks! While tomorrow is officially the release day. They’re available a few hours early. Woot! Sizzling Attraction is part of Kindle Worlds and is only available on Amazon. Ye Olde Kinke Faire is in PreRelease and is available at a discount on my store. Let’s celebrate:

Into Beau’s arms #WipItUp @ElanIsle #BDSM 2

It’s WipItUp time again. And I’ve got some great WIPs that are coming out this year. Tomorrow I’ve got 2 fantastic books coming out. 2, you ask? Yep. The first is a general release. The second is in PreRelease. What does PreRelease mean? It means you can purchase Ye Olde […]

Bane of My Existence for #BacklistMonday #BDSM #PNR

With a whole slew of BDSM novels coming out this year (and week), I thought it fitting to spotlight Bane of My Existence for Backlist Monday. Antonia has come to the BDSM club Liaisons for a job. She’s just not sure she wants to be there. ***** The lighting was dimmer than […]

Ye Olde Kinke Faire #CSSundays #BDSM @ElanIsle #romance #PreRelease

For my 3rd #CSSundays post today, I’ve got a taste of one of my books that will be on PreRelease on Thursday. Excerpt: (Becca took a job at Ye Olde Kinke Faire, but has quickly come to realize it’s run by people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing.) The […]

Sizzling Attraction for #CSSundays #BDSM #spanking #romance #dfrkw

For my 2nd #CSSundays post today, I’ve got my own book which will be out on Thursday. Excerpt: The sounds were familiar. The crack of a whip. The cry of a female voice. A sharp command. Her body trembled and need she hadn’t felt in a long time crashed over […]

Get in on the heat for #CSSundays #DFRKW #romance

For the first #CSSundays post today, I’m excited to bring you more books for the upcoming Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World release on Jan 19th. Are you ready? CRASH & BURN Author: Silver James Find her online: Website || Facebook || Twitter || Newsletter Signup || Amazon A lone Wolf on the hunt… As a Homeland Security investigator […]

Sexy strangers #MySexySaturday #MMRomance #action #suspense 2

Hey, and welcome to another wonderful My Sexy Saturday bloghop, where authors give snippets from their work. I’m giving 7 sentences from my recently released novel, Vespar. This is Marcolm’s reaction to meeting the tall, dark, and brooding stranger. ***** That day everything went wrong—from starting a new job that […]

A nice hot crimson #SatSpanks @ElanIsle #spanking #romance #dfrkw 6

Happy Saturday, Spankos 🙂 This is an exciting – and nerve wracking – week for me. Next Thursday, Sizzling Attraction is released. I’m also PreReleasing Ye Olde Kinke Faire on the same day. The former is the prequel novella to the Elan Isle contemporary BDSM series. The latter is the first […]