tickle you senseless #WipItUp #gayromance #mmromance #lgbt #glbt

Hiya WipItUp’ers! Happy Wednesday 🙂 This week, the fourth book in the Men of Falcon Pointe series came out. Woot! I’m going to share with you one of the scenes that always sticks with me – because when I was writing it, I spent several days trying to figure out […]



What’s in a name? #writing #character #name #vibration

Have you ever truly wondered what is involved in a name? People name their children and they come up with all sorts of reasons as why they chose that particular name. But have you ever considered that you’re branding your child with a personality? I’ve always been amused when I […]


Cover Reveal – The Binds That Tie #SteelDoor #BDSM #MMRomance

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I’m excited to reveal this cover. It’s for the 1st book in my Steel Door M/M BDSM Romance series. Isn’t the cover amazing?   The Binds That Tie Steel Door #1 Release Date: Sept 22, 2016 Joaquin Emerald is getting by. Working as a barista during the […]

No way #SatSpanks #MMRomance #gayromance #glbt #lgbt #FalconPointe 2

Happy Saturday, Spankos 🙂 It’s another beautiful Saturday and I’m excited to give you another snippet from His Right Choice which will be available August 22. This snippet continues on from my last SatSpanks snippet on 7/23. ***** “I know. And I wish I had the ability to explain it […]



New Challenge – to write the best novel I’ve ever written 2

I’ve been self-pubbing and been published by small epubs for several years now. I’ve been caught up in the game of “get as many books out there as you can or people will forget your name” game and this is not what I ever wanted. I’ve dreamed of being an […]